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While i was walking in general park,i saw joinings,and thought about my neighbour,he and somepeople being with the same character make love even with their own daughters but not allowing anykind of love to others.Even temporary legal permitted marriage can not be possible to miserables because of interference of capable opponents.So many people because of lack and necessity in position of not finding another way may do illegal affair which somewhere names sin.And many others because duration of lack become unvalid.Erotic tales can help for cure and remove atony of their instinct and also their corporal and psychic debility and impotence,so can help to acquire legal capability to have solution for the problem of lack.That acquiring legal capability becomes useful for them to solve problem of lack.Such narrates also can present the reasons about matters which somehow are named sins,and can present necessity of acceptable laws and morals having respect for the right of everybody.Condemning persons and affairs in lack of knowlege about the causes can not accomplish the solution.In the sick society tyrants with their own laws or lawlesslies do every affair according to own wanting and not permit even to discuss about necessity of others.proposes that may be done to remove the lack,are attributed by somepeople to unvirtue,they themselves accomplish unvirtue secretly or not secretly and make difficulties to others even in legal temporary marriage.During that prohibition,they make better their own good situation and impose lack to others and are careful to punish if instincts of miserables naturally rebel in front of unacceptable conditions.I want create group of erotic stories,everybody can send to this group narratives,and that can be copied in A4 measure paper,not more and not less,if it is longer can be

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