Antaŭkongresa modela teksto en usona

During the week from July 23 through July 30, 2011, the 96th Universal Esperanto Congress will take place in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. Several thousand Esperanto speakers from many different countries will participate in the congress, during which they will discuss the congress’ main theme: “Dialogue and mutual understanding” as well as take part in a vast gamut of different meetings and workshops, conferences and a cultural program.
The uniqueness of this event is the fact that the attendees at the congress will communicate with each other without interpreters by using the international, neutral language of Esperanto.
This language is 124 years old, has its own culture. Tens of thousands of books and magazines, television and radio programs have been made public in Esperanto.
At this time, this language is self-sufficient and quite alive. Esperanto continues to evolve and the number of speakers is in steady growth. For more detailed information, please contact: Esperanto USA at http://www.esperanto-usa.org or call (800) 377-3726.

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